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Supporting the Small and Medium Enterprises


The program for supporting small and medium enterprises is being implemented according to the initiative of Prime Minister of Georgia – “Produce in Georgia” and aims to develop SME’s in various regions of Georgia – by providing entrepreneurs with necessary funds and education. Throughout the country, this program is being implemented by contractor of LEPL Enterprise Development Agency through NGOs. The contractor for the regions of Samtskhe-Javakheti and Qvemo Qartli is NAPR Regional Development Agency (RDA).


The goal of the contest is to reveal best business ideas. The authors of the best business ideas will be given a chance to receive special training, make professional business-plan and through the contest acquire partial funding(Up to 5000 laris for one entrepreneur, up to 10 000 laris for two entrepreneurs and up to15 000 laris for three entrepreneurs) from the government. In case of the co-funding, entrepreneur is required to cover minimum of 20% of the cost. To achieve the co-funding, entrepreneurs will first take part in the contest of business-ideas and then after the special training sessions will present their ideas to the special commission. To be eligible for the contest, participant must be from the region of Samtskhe-Javakheti or Qvemo Qartli, be at least 18, not be a public servant and not have any debts towards the government.

Only those entrepreneurs will be eligible to continue participation in the contest of business-ideas, whom the Revenue Service will award the status of a physical entity who pays micro-


business, small business or fixed taxes. And the groups of entrepreneurs who enter the final stage of the contest will be required to be united as co-partnerships.


During the implementation of the program, funding would be provided for not only agricultural enterprises but non-agricultural as well. In addition, the service, which is allowed for the abovementioned individuals with special-privileged taxation status, will also be supported.

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