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RDA covers 28 villages of CDI4 West Pipeline Community in Akhaltsikhe, Adigeni and Borjomi districts.

Community Development Initiative 4, West

Summary of Activities

Social Development Component

  • Grants for infrastructure rehabilitation to Community Based Organizations (CBO)

  • Grants to CBOs  for establishing Social Enterprises to render paid services and carry out social projects for community benefit

  • Grants to farmer groups for agricultural cooperative development

  • Capacity building of CBOs through skills assessment and trainings in fundraising and project management

Economic Development Component

• Potential entrepreneur trainings in business plan writing and bookkeeping, follow-on consultations
• Subsidized Micro loans to farmers implemented through
third party financial institution
• Grants for establishing Financial and Legal Service Groups and capacity building through
• Inputs and extension to farmer groups for arrangement of On-Farm Demonstrations
• Linking farmers and small businesses to retail outlets


!!! Information for potential and active CDI4 beneficiaries (application forms, guidelines, etc.) is published on Georgian and Russian language pages of this website.



*** The above image shows the activity structure of CDI4. Boxes highlighted in purple represent new activities not implemented in earlier phases of CDI.

Borjomi Distr. 8 Villages: Andeziti, Dgvari, Moliti, Sakire, Tabatskuri, Tadzrisi, Tsikhisjvari, Tori

Akhaltsikhe Distr. 18 Villages: Agara, Atskuri, Ivlita, Klde, Minadze, Naokhrebi, Sakuneti, Skhvilisi, Tiseli, Tkemlana,

Tsinubani, Tsira, Tskaltbila, Tskruti, Tsnisi, Vale, Zemo Skhvilisi, Zikilia.

Adigeni Distr. 2 Villages: Arali, Varkhani

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