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Supporting the Small and Medium Enterprises



Micro and Small Entrepreneurship assistance components are very popular in Georgia within the framework of the "manufacture in Georgia" program carried out by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. In the first stage, in particular, during the business ideas registration period, which was announced from May 15 to May 30, 2017, more than 20 000 online applications were entered.


As soon as the business ideas were completed, the applications were drawn up by the Program Commission, the results of which the representatives of contractor organizations themselves informed the applicants. Up to 5,000 authors of the best business ideas identified within the given stage were trained on general entrepreneurship, which included business planning issues.


To be reminded, the micro-small and small entrepreneurship component has been added to the state program "Manufacture in Georgia" since 2015. It is aimed at launching new businesses as well as expanding the existing business. According to the data of June of 2017, within the program, 4909 beneficiaries and 3205 projects are supported and is composed of a total investment volume of 29 155 007 GEL, while employing a total of 8 000 people, at the same time. In the form of co-financing, the program has issued 22 942 704 GEL.


The Micro and Small Entrepreneurship Program is implemented within the framework of the initiative of "Manufacture in Georgia" initiative and aims to develop micro and small businesses in the regions of Georgia - by raising financing and knowledge of entrepreneurs. The program is implemented by SSEP Entrepreneurship Development Agency contractor through NGOs. Samtskhe Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli agency contractor is the Agency for Regional Development Association (RDA).

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