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The Ministry of  Agriculture visited enterprises in Akhaltsikhe

Georgian Buziness Zone  owns Diary and Combined Feed plants in  Tsnisi village, Akhaltsikhe.  In 2009 the company attracted  contribution  grant within the framework of Millennium Challenge Program (MCG) and  established dairy plant equipped with the latest technologies. In 2010 Georgian Business Zone expanded its activities and built up Combined feed proceeding plant, which was equipped with the modern technological equipments funded by BP within the program “Farmer to Farmer” (FtF).  Both plants of Tsnisi  village run  ISO and HACCAP certificates.


According to the director of Georgian Buziness Zone Ltd.  Besik Babunashvili, establishment of farm and deploy of highly productive livestock  is planed for the next year “We plan to build farm using credit with low interest. Project works have already been started, and we hope to receive loan in October”


BP and it’s partners initiated and financed Community Development Initiative (CDI),  which is implemented by Regional Development Association (RDA). In 2012 within the CDI program, Social Enterprise of Ivlita village (agricultural  services) was established, where 24 households were joint. The Social Enterprise is managed by Ivlita Community Based Organization (CBO), which obtained contribution grant and purchased agro-technology within the framework of CDI program. It also serves neighboring villages.  The Enterprise has received profit already  by the end of first season and the interesting fact is that it is the prototype of cooperative and after the new low regarding the cooperative enter in force  exactly this kind of organizational form will be registered. The above mentioned enterprise is the precedent of successful cooperative.

“We have seen the embryo of  cooperative in Ivlita village and according to the new low, which will soon enter into force, we  plan to develop this cooperation” – said David Galegashvili.



Within the same program establishment of tomato and apple on farm demonstrations  was funded in Tskruti village.  Correct and efficient management of water resources was demonstrated on the plot of  tomato by arranging drip irrigation system on the demo. The tomato plot is characterized by exceptionally high yield.  Unprecedented result was obtained on tomato demo (75 tones ). Village Tskruti  stands out with abundant quantity of plots with no access to irrigation system, as well as arid climatic conditions,  regarding this reached results gain much more importance. Tskruti apple demo distinguishes by new, productive verities, which already gives the yield on the third year in case of using vegetative breeding technology, that enables farmer  to receive financial  benefit earlier, than it is possible with the traditional method.


Three Social Enterprises were created in villages Ivlita, Agara and Tsinubani and 44 on-farm demonstrations in 28 villages of Samtskhe-Javakheti region during 2012-2013 within the framework of CDI program.

“The ministry of Agriculture intends to restore  Agriculture Development Center within  the next year budget . Its main goal and function is to restore The Center of Veriety Trial. One of these centers will also be in Vale village. As we know, this center has survived and we plan to rebuild not only  cereals, but also fruit and vegetable variety trial centers and to employ those agronomists, who have been working there before”-said David Galegashvili.

Social Enterprises are managed by local CBOs, who were  given agricultural technology. Social Enterprises provide member farmers with agro services in preferential terms. Vulnerable families will be served  with special favorable terms.


Local farmers’ groups cultivate agricultural products with new technologies and the assistance of professional agro consultants on the demo farms arranged within the CDI program.

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