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Jumber Lezhava - King Of Travelers 


Born in Tbilisi in  1939, Jumber Lezhava  is the author of 26 scientific works. From childhood he took part in many competitions, went for sports: football, volley-ball, table-tennis, body-building and wrestling. Since college years he traveled to different parts of Georgia. Sometimes by foot, by horse and by bicycle. Climbed Georgia’s several peaks.

In 1993 - 2002  Jumber Lezhava made an unbelievable journey. All alone on a bicycle he visited more than 230 countries and independent territories of the world, during 3333 days he passed over 260 000 kilometers and with different transports he covered more then 300 000 kilometers.

Jumber Lezhava’s infatuation with the freedom of bicycle travel began after the hard illness he went through on January 6, 1986 after one of the usual trainings he found himself in the hospital, as he had intestinal gangrene and vessel thromboses. Survived from death and then wonderful idea came to his mind – to astonish the world and go around the world by bicycle.

The traveler had contacts with ordinary people. It wouldn’t exaggerate if we say that he’s a unique person, who saw the world with all its negative and positive sides. He’s the world traveler and a living-legend of our planet, who broke  several world records  and among them Guinness records.

During his travel Jumber Lezhava,  received several titles from different  nations , in France he was called "King of Travel",  in Germany because of physical resemblance and strong character - "Traveling  Picasso" , finally, UNESCO awarded him honorary degrees - Sportsman and Citizen Of The World. Georgia awarded him the degree of Traveler-Diplomat. In 2003 Georgian President  Eduard Shevardnadze gave him State's highest award – Order of King Vakhtang Gorgasali.

At the age of  50 Jumber Lezhava set the first world record - 4447 push-ups in an hour. He was recorded  in the Guinness Book. After that, his name was written in Guinness Book 11 more times. For example, during a day with five-minute breaks after every hour Mr. Jumber made  44,141 push-ups, and at hundred day marathon seven hours of daily push-ups - 1720000! . This is his reason for existence, he can’t stop. He aims not of fame, just a sociable creature who loves contacting people and just wants to astonish the world.

Jumber Lezhava shares 7 main mysteries, which help to come our dreams true. Such as: an enthusiasm, faith, strategy, spirit values, connections, energy and the art to form relationships.

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