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From June 2015 Regional Development Asssociation (RDA) has gained the right to continue with implementation of the phase 5 of the Community Development Inititative project in Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia. The project ends in June 2018.
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The USAID Restoring Efficiency to Agriculture Production (REAP) Activity in Georgia implemented by CNFA, aims at increasing incomes and employment in rural areas by delivering firm-level investment and technical assistance to agribusiness enterprises

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Micro and Small Entrepreneurship assistance components are very popular in Georgia within the framework of the "manufacture in Georgia" program carried out by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia​

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The USAID ZRDA Activity in Georgia is a five-year program designed to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in target regions by improving MSME growth, increasing productivity of rural households, facilitating market linkages between producers and buyers, and promoting local economic development by establishing and strengthening networks

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The program for supporting small and medium enterprises is being implemented according to the initiative of Prime Minister of Georgia – “Produce in Georgia” and aims to develop SME’s in various regions of Georgia – by providing entrepreneurs with necessary funds and education​
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From June 2013 (RDA) launched program – (CDI) for South Caucasus Pipeline Extension (SCPX) project initiated and funded by BP and its partners. CDI SCPX aims to improve living conditions of population through social and economic development projects in the villages, which are located in 5 kilometer radius from gas pressure regulation stations
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On May 11, 2012 RDA signed agreement on implementation of fourth phase of CDI West (CDI4) through 2014. The project will deliver benefit to 27 Samtskhe Javakheti villages in the course of its social and economic components. CARE International in the Caucasus has remained as implementing partner of RDA to consult through the process
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BP and CARE International in the Caucasus have selected two out of four NGOs pretending on the role of project implementation for Community Development Initiative (Phase 3) Project funded by BP and implemented by CARE since 2010. RDA was selected to co-implement the final year of CDI3​
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